Who This Book is For

Entrepreneurs who have a product or business concept, but lack storytelling or sales skills.

You are developing a product or service which offers a solution that other people need. In your head, the appeal of your product is obvious. However, you are frustrated because other people don’t immediately share your devotion to your product. No matter how many times you try to get the message across, you run into the same obstacles again and again. Why don’t other people understand your message? Why don’t they see the same benefits that are so obvious to you?

For some people, talking about what they do is far more difficult than actually doing it. They freeze up. They ramble. They either don’t know where to begin or try to force far too many details. Nobody taught them how to focus on the most pressing concerns of their audience and refine their words accordingly.

Startups needing a fresh new take on their messaging.

Where do you turn when your organization’s former strategies for success stop working? If you don’t know who is buying your product and why they like working with you, you won’t know how to optimize your approach. You won’t know which actions are moving you closer to or further away from your goals. Brand Identity Breakthrough will teach you how to identify what makes your business valuable in the eyes of your audience and turn it into the consistent focal point of all your outreach.

Established businesses with the opportunity to reach new markets through rebranding.

All things change with time. Once your company has been around long enough, it can reach a point where its original messaging strategy cannot take it any further. It’s time to move goal posts and expand horizons. Is there a new vertical you could easily break into if you knew how to reframe the value propositions you used on other audiences? Have the majority of your target market showed a change in their buying preferences?

Sometimes bigger goals require your company to embrace a new brand identity with a change in your marketing focus. You will have to learn how to present your company and its products in a way that is in line with your higher ambition.

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