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Many business owners and entrepreneurs today don’t understand the essence of what makes their ideas amazing. They lack narrative and deeper meaning to their business. They obsess over the most visible components of their brand, but they ignore character and core values. Without these things, they will never reach the market appeal and penetration their products and services are capable of.

I wrote Brand Identity Breakthrough to help current and prospective business owners craft valuable identities and tell their story to the world. From day one, long into the lifetime of their company, these strategies will continue to maximize their impact on the market. A comprehensive brand identity will save you countless missteps along the path to success. It can be the linchpin to marketplace dominance.

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Early Reviews for Brand Identity Breakthrough:

"To me, (Brand Identity Breakthrough) is one of the best pieces of literature for every entrepreneur out there."
-Afrikanus Kofi Akosah
Founder, Africa Youth Peace Call - Liberty & Entrepreneurship Camp

"(Brand Identity Breakthrough) is beautifully logical in its organization, introducing every new topic at just the right point to make sense in the context of what has already been explained. That’s a remarkable achievement! ​​As soon as I got past the first few pages, I realized that this book is, indeed, a work of quality with something original and truly valuable to say."
Tim Coulter
Definitive Guides

"Brand Identity Breakthrough and its author have helped me manage my marketing, identify my message and draft a whole new brand identity. I am extremely grateful for the huge changes they've brought to my global business."
Olivier Wagner
Founder, 1040 Abroad
Brand Identity Breakthrough Case Study

"This book was excellent for an incredibly important reason regarding my business... narrative. It is what attracts customers to your business. Helping solidify this is what the author did for me here... not to mention many other things tips and tricks the book offers."
Chris Reynolds
Founder, The DC Entrepreneur House, The One Effect
Brand Identity Breakthrough Case Study

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